"Lindsay's songs will leave you with a sense of danger that
you didn't know could come from something so sweet."  
-Jason McInnes, Old Town School of Folk Music


Spring is here. I've had some great jazz shows recently: played at Buckingham Fountain with Come Sunday and another nice night at Angelo's with Mike Allemana. Cover to Cover is coming along splendidly. I am learning about being a curator, host, performer, editor, and podcast manager. I am also hearing a lot of beautiful, fascinating music and witnessing many remarkable human moments of connection. I just posted the podcast for Episode 3 here, and you can find the individual cover tracks on Soundcloud here.I'm looking forward to being a full-on participant once again in the June 12 show with Aerin Tedesco and Nick Davio, two of my best buds and most natural musical collaborators. 

June 12 will be a busy day for me; that morning is the Youth Music Showcase at the Old Town School, where my Young Voices classes will be performing. I also wrote the song that all classes and performers are learning and will play together for our grand finale that day. It's called We Will Sing, and it's a three part piece about springtime and Chicago and music making from your heart. It's one of my favorite things I've ever written, and I can't believe that I'll get to hear a whole concert hall full of voices singing it together. I have goosebumps already. Here is a demo I recorded with Nick Davio and Megan Vanja O'Connor, a 9-year-old long-time student of mine.

The next night, June 13, I'll be part of the Acoustic Explosion at Silvies with a group of performers who usually play for kids but are encouraged to bring out their adult material. Right up my alley. ;)  On June 17 I'll be playing my songs with Nick and Jarod at a cool DIY space called the DCtorium. 

Lots of travel and fun planned this summer: going to California, teaching at a songwriting camp in Pennsylvania, visiting friends in St. Paul, family vacation in Door County. Plus teaching and biking and good Chicago times. Living the life! See you out there.

Cover to Cover podcast: first episode! 

I've started hosting a new songwriter series on the second Sunday of every month called Cover to Cover. In each show, 3 Chicago songwriters present their own original songs and cover each other's. The first show happened on March 13 and featured Miki Greenberg, Jonas Friddle, and myself, Lindsay Weinberg. It was great and I can't wait for the next one. I've just finished up making a podcast of the live show and am thrilled to put it out, so you can experience it in the comfort of your home, car, wherever. Please subscribe and enjoy!


photo by Ben Chandler
It's been a week since my release show at the Hideout and I'm still basking in the glow... Many thanks to everyone who came out to be part of the best audience I've ever experienced. You were really with me, dancing and grooving during the uptempo songs and listening so beautifully during the more tender ones. I was so moved and so grateful. I'll never forget it. What a night!

I've gotten some really special responses to my new album. Here are some of my favorite quotes:

"Your songs are so good. And I feel like you wrote them all for ME!"

"You present so many honest emotions in so many colorful ways."

"Just stunningly personal and gorgeous words and music. Overwhelmed. Really."

"Your songs have so many different times to them.... the show was like time traveling."

"I think I speak for the audience in saying that we all "felt" you, and it is so great to hear what you come up with in that head of yours."

"Tim Tutten (notoriously chatty owner of the Hideout) DIDN'T TALK TO ANYONE for your entire set! That's how you know it was REALLY good!"

"You're so brave. I'm inspired."

Thank you so much to everyone for coming out, for listening, for being open to my music. Beauty is powerful. Art heals.



It's nearly time! My new album "What Do You Believe?" will be released on January 27th, 2016. We're having a big full-band show and party at the Hideout that night, so come on out and join us. This album has been a long time coming, and I am eager to get these songs out to the world. They are a little more intimate than most of my last album, so I am putting them out there with great care. I hope they speak to you! See you at the Hideout. 

Wrapping up 2015 

I've got another gig coming up with the fantastic Mike Allemana. Come hear us at Angelo's Wine Bar on Wednesday December 16th.

Work is coming along on my upcoming album.... Percussion, bass, piano, guitar, horns, vocals, are all complete. Mixing is coming along and tracks are sounding good. Stay tuned for release info!

The first gig of the new year will be in my hometown of Wauwatosa, Wisconsin with Come Sunday. We'll be performing on Saturday, January 2nd at 7pm. Our last gig there was so beautiful and we felt so welcomed and appreciated... It will be great to be back. 

Happy holidays, all!


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