Covers for Cover: Sinéad O'Connor

Lincoln Hall, 2424 N. Lincoln Ave, Chicago

For 18 years, volunteers at Covers for Cover have brought together trans, nonbinary and cis women artists to raise funds for Chicago women and girls in need. This year we rock for Brave Space Alliance, the Black-Led, Trans-Led LGBTQ+ Center on the south side of Chicago. BSA provides accessible, culturally competent resources to our siblings who live where there is a huge gap in advocacy.

I will be performing in "Heroine," the Sinéad O'Connor tribute, featuring Aerin Tedesco, John Mead, Miranda Jones, and Tami Peden. We play at about 8:15pm!

Saturday 12/9 Covers for Cover is live at Lincoln Hall.

Ayodele Drum and Dance Heroine ~ Sinéad O’Connor The She Gees ~ The Bee Gees Sweet Dreams ~ The Eurythmics The Aerial Drop Band ~ 90’s Grunge Something in the Static ~ boygenius Syd & the Sparks ~ Jefferson Airplane Clamor & Lace Noise Brigade ~ Pop Divas Fall Out Girls – The Gingers as Fall Out Boy The Bad Reputations ~ Joan Jett Lillian Pollack ~ Em Beihold She’s Crafty ~ Beastie Boys Drag Performances by Ramona Mirage & Jayden Jamison

Join us the night before on the Covers for Cover Youtube Channel to catch more great artists in the virtual concert: Friday 12/8, 7pm. Free!

$40 donation to Brave Space Alliance