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A monthly live show in which Chicago songwriters presented original songs and covered each other's. Audiences enjoyed a showcase of craft and artistry as the unique styles of three different top-notch musicians were displayed, reinterpreted, and fused together. Second Sundays at Wishbone in 2016. Created, curated and hosted by Lindsay Weinberg.

The Podcast

7/10/16: Emily Hurd, John Mead, Emily White  Podcast

Episode 5!


Lindsay Weinberg:
Before My Light is Gone

Emily Hurd:
Daytime Fireflies
Behind the Lights
Heaven This Way

John Mead:
Creatures of a Day
Away From You

Emily White:
Funny Little Sound
One Wish Left

Part 2: COVERS

Emily Hurd:
Arizona by Emily White
Concrete by John Mead
I Never Meant to Love You by Cory Chisel

John Mead:
Trees by Emily Hurd
Crooked Teeth by Emily White
My Love Is by Little Willy John

Emily White:
Bernadine by John Mead
A.D. by Emily Hurd
Apostle by Raina Rose

Lindsay Weinberg:
July July by the Decemberists

6/12/16: Nick Davio, Aerin Tedesco, Lindsay Weinberg  Podcast

Episode 4!


Nick Davio:
Rest My Case
Love Song 24
Look Me Up

Aerin Tedesco:
Thank You
Sweetest Downfall
Outside Chance

Lindsay Weinberg:
When I Was Little
Better in the Summer

Part 2: COVERS

Nick Davio:
Stand Up by Aerin Tedesco
House a Home by Lindsay Weinberg
Joliet, IL by Michael Knudsen

Aerin Tedesco:
No One Believes by Nick Davio
Pay Attention by Lindsay Weinberg
Samson by Regina Spektor

Lindsay Weinberg
Lullaby 2 (Faun Song) by Aerin Tedesco
A Little Fail by Nick Davio
Promises of Paris by Sylvie Lewis

All the Rowboats Sneeze (Davio/Tedesco/Weinberg cover Amos/Spektor)

5/8/16: Louis Bardales, Chris Corsale, Natalie Gaza  Podcast

Episode 3!


Louis Bardales:
Some of Us None
A Tale of Two Lampshades

Chris Corsale:
Be Yourself With Me
She's Automatic

Natalie Gaza:
Constant Mercy
Ha Ha

Part 2: COVERS

Lindsay Weinberg:
Heaven's a Bar In Chicago by Molly Brennan & Spencer Meeks - original:

Louis Bardales: 
Bridget by Natalie Gaza - original:
American Child by Chris Corsale - original:
Country Song by Duncan Browne - original:

Chris Corsale:
Born to Break by Natalie Gaza
I Looked at the Windchimes, Horrified by Louis Bardales 
How Come U Don't Call Me Anymore by Prince 

Natalie Gaza:
Bird No Song by Louis Bardales
Porch Light by Chris Corsale - original:
Obsidian by Steve Dawson - original:

4/10/16: Rachel Drew, Shelley Miller, Eric Unger  Podcast

Show 2!


Lindsay Weinberg:

Rachel Drew:
Tonight I Will Howl at the Moon
I Wish I Was the Snow
Run Into the Space Between

Shelley Miller:
Tear Me Down
Long Way to the Ground
Highlight Reel

Eric Unger:
Solitary Art

Part 2: COVERS:

Rachel Drew:
Inside Silence a Song by Eric Unger - Original:
Bigger than Darkness by Shelley Miller - Original:
Another One by Christine Malcom

Shelley Miller:
Scar by Eric Unger
Swirl of the Sea by Rachel Drew - Original:
Shake Through to Ugly by Rose Polenzani

Eric Unger:
Deerfly Blues by Shelley Miller 
If I Were a Child by Rachel Drew
Acorns and Orioles by Guided by Voices - Original:

Lindsay Weinberg:
Whiskey Neat by Emily Hurd - Original:

3/13/16: Miki Greenberg, Jonas Friddle, Lindsay Weinberg  Podcast

Welcome to the Cover to Cover podcast! The first show happened on March 13, 2016, and was a great success. Participants included Miki Greenberg, Jonas Friddle, and Lindsay Weinberg. Here's the breakdown of the show:

Miki Greenberg: 
In a City on a Hill 
Sodom & Gomorrah 
Reason to Believe 
Diddle with a Fiddle 

Jonas Friddle: 
Hold the People in Your Heart 
Careful Little Corina 
Rockingham Cindy 

Lindsay Weinberg: 
Right Now 
Cicada Song 
What Do You Believe? 

Miki Greenberg: 
This Dance by Lindsay Weinberg -- Original version:
Waltzing Away by Jonas Friddle -- Original version:
Little Green by Joni Mitchell 

Jonas Friddle: 
Awful Lot of Love by Lindsay Weinberg -- Original version:
I Have a Friend by Miki Greenberg -- Original version:
Cry Cry Cry by Johnny Cash 

Lindsay Weinberg: 
Vanessa on the Bus by Miki Greenberg 
Use Your Voice by Jonas Friddle-- Original version:
What, Me Worry? by St. Vincent 

Moonshadow by Cat Stevens