3/13/16: Miki Greenberg, Jonas Friddle, Lindsay Weinberg 

Welcome to the Cover to Cover podcast! The first show happened on March 13, 2016, and was a great success. Participants included Miki Greenberg, Jonas Friddle, and Lindsay Weinberg. Here's the breakdown of the show:

Miki Greenberg: 
In a City on a Hill 
Sodom & Gomorrah 
Reason to Believe 
Diddle with a Fiddle 

Jonas Friddle: 
Hold the People in Your Heart 
Careful Little Corina 
Rockingham Cindy 

Lindsay Weinberg: 
Right Now 
Cicada Song 
What Do You Believe? 

Miki Greenberg: 
This Dance by Lindsay Weinberg -- Original version: http://lindsayweinbergmusic.com/track/2870/this-dance
Waltzing Away by Jonas Friddle -- Original version: https://soundcloud.com/jonasfriddle/waltzing-away
Little Green by Joni Mitchell 

Jonas Friddle: 
Awful Lot of Love by Lindsay Weinberg -- Original version: http://lindsayweinbergmusic.com/track/955411/awful-lot-of-love
I Have a Friend by Miki Greenberg -- Original version: https://melodicaerotica.bandcamp.com/track/i-have-a-friend
Cry Cry Cry by Johnny Cash 

Lindsay Weinberg: 
Vanessa on the Bus by Miki Greenberg 
Use Your Voice by Jonas Friddle-- Original version: https://soundcloud.com/jonasfriddle/use-your-voice
What, Me Worry? by St. Vincent 

Moonshadow by Cat Stevens