4/10/16: Rachel Drew, Shelley Miller, Eric Unger 

Show 2!


Lindsay Weinberg:

Rachel Drew:
Tonight I Will Howl at the Moon
I Wish I Was the Snow
Run Into the Space Between

Shelley Miller:
Tear Me Down
Long Way to the Ground
Highlight Reel

Eric Unger:
Solitary Art

Part 2: COVERS:

Rachel Drew:
Inside Silence a Song by Eric Unger - Original: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PIiJ2zQPEII
Bigger than Darkness by Shelley Miller - Original: https://shelleymillerandthebcc.bandcamp.com/track/bigger-than-darkness
Another One by Christine Malcom

Shelley Miller:
Scar by Eric Unger
Swirl of the Sea by Rachel Drew - Original: https://racheldrew-thebitterroots.bandcamp.com/track/swirl-of-the-sea
Shake Through to Ugly by Rose Polenzani

Eric Unger:
Deerfly Blues by Shelley Miller 
If I Were a Child by Rachel Drew
Acorns and Orioles by Guided by Voices - Original: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IyIoRzknyo8

Lindsay Weinberg:
Whiskey Neat by Emily Hurd - Original: http://www.stoneblindvalentine.com/album_preview/s/whiskey_neat

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