7/10/16: Emily Hurd, John Mead, Emily White 

Episode 5!


Lindsay Weinberg:
Before My Light is Gone

Emily Hurd:
Daytime Fireflies
Behind the Lights
Heaven This Way

John Mead:
Creatures of a Day
Away From You

Emily White:
Funny Little Sound
One Wish Left

Part 2: COVERS

Emily Hurd:
Arizona by Emily White
Concrete by John Mead
I Never Meant to Love You by Cory Chisel

John Mead:
Trees by Emily Hurd
Crooked Teeth by Emily White
My Love Is by Little Willy John

Emily White:
Bernadine by John Mead
A.D. by Emily Hurd
Apostle by Raina Rose

Lindsay Weinberg:
July July by the Decemberists

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