6/12/16: Nick Davio, Aerin Tedesco, Lindsay Weinberg 

Episode 4!


Nick Davio:
Rest My Case
Love Song 24
Look Me Up

Aerin Tedesco:
Thank You
Sweetest Downfall
Outside Chance

Lindsay Weinberg:
When I Was Little
Better in the Summer

Part 2: COVERS

Nick Davio:
Stand Up by Aerin Tedesco
House a Home by Lindsay Weinberg
Joliet, IL by Michael Knudsen

Aerin Tedesco:
No One Believes by Nick Davio
Pay Attention by Lindsay Weinberg
Samson by Regina Spektor

Lindsay Weinberg
Lullaby 2 (Faun Song) by Aerin Tedesco
A Little Fail by Nick Davio
Promises of Paris by Sylvie Lewis

All the Rowboats Sneeze (Davio/Tedesco/Weinberg cover Amos/Spektor)

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