1. Souvenir

From the recording Souvenir

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Here, a souvenir / I sliced off this piece of my heart / It’s okay, have no fear / It won’t hurt me until we are far apart / Take care not to drip on your shoe / I swear it will stop bleeding soon / I have done this before / They always do / I will spend the summer remembering / How you fit in my arms on the dance floor / I will spend evenings imagining / How your head used to rest on the kitchen door / And I’ll cry / And I’ll deal / And I’ll try / And I’ll heal / I have done this before / I know how it feels / Pieces of me scattered all over the globe / Each one a stake through the edge of my thinly stretched soul / Brooklyn to Oakland to Austin to Portland / Seattle, Harrisburg, St. Paul / I am here, in the heartland / Keeping the beat through it all / Together we’re singing the song that is bringing our souls to the surface / Together, for right or for wrong, we unearth the unknowns that unnerve us / It’s too soon to fly, and it’s too late to drive / And the last time I saw you, we both were alive / But the magic is much more than just saying hi / And you can’t make it happen alone / We have done this before / Come here / I’ll pull you in near / Together