1. Goldie

From the recording Souvenir

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They call her Goldie / She is a being of light / Her joy is like a beacon reaching searchers in the night / And everyone absorbs the warmth she radiates / Shining with abandon, she inspires true delight / Basking in her energy, they let it give them life / Sunny in the shadows / She lights the way, they follow / And when she goes, they know that she’s been there / Like glitter, she leaves sparkles littered everywhere / But where there is a spark, there’s bound to be a flame / And the fire of her anger would roar and rage / It burned the ones around her / It made them back away / Requesting that she learn to keep that part contained / They said that they would come back when it’s safe / They explained: It’s a lot to take / What did they expect? / They call her Goldie / She is a being of light / They call her Goldie / She is a being so bright / The flashes of her laughter are gregarious and loud / Reactions so responsive and inviting / Her smile will electrify the dullness of the crowds / Her sensory intensity’s exciting / Vivid as a flower / A rainbow through a shower / Within her glow, true colors show with pride / And when she eats a treat, the flavor’s magnified / But working in these hues of heightened vibrancy / She knew just how blue blue can be / A bottomless indigo ocean saturating her insides / Careful of the waves, for there is danger in the riptides / Come back when it’s safe / It’s a lot to take / The fury of the heat / The drowning in the deep / Sputtering and singed from the intensity within / How could she wish it onto anybody else? / So men and women, girls and boys, would come to her to seek her joy / And she would see it multiply like meadows overgrown / But she faced her every demon on her own / Being of light / Being so bright / Hold on tight / When the nightmares come / Put up a fight / It’s a righteous one / Being of light / Being so bright / Put up a fight / You are loved