From the recording Blossoming With the Spring

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I saw you / Standing in front of a freshly opened window / With your eyes closed / Letting the sunlight illuminate your torso / And you raised up / Your hands toward the heavens / And you reached out / Feeling your body blossoming with the spring / I heard / The chatter of birds as the sky was streaked in color / Responding / To the energy that was swelling all around us / And we raised up / Our wings toward the heavens / And we sang out / Feeling our bodies blossoming with the spring / Look at the ledge that is here to hold your coffee cup / The stepping stones emerging through the muck / Be open / To the messages that present themselves to you / Unexpectedly / Don't forget to accept any help that they are offering / Loosen up / The heart is a muscle that's flexible / Don't freak out / Maybe you're feeling the blossoming / Can't say what it'll bring / The green that busts through the seed and grows / Nobody knows / But all that it can do is do its thing / Here it comes / Blossoming with the spring / Blossoming with the spring