Earth Day Every Day concert for Chicago Area Peace Action

Reba Place Church, 620 Madison St, Evanston, IL

Earth Day Every Day Concert for Chicago Area Peace Action Chicago Area Peace Action is hosting a benefit concert at Reba Place Church in Evanston April 7th with some amazing local acts from Chicago. All the funds go to help advance CAPA's grassroots organizing and policy efforts to fight nuclear war, the military industrial complex, and climate change.

Doors at 7pm and Show at 8pm. There will be a silent auction during this event as well.

About the musicians:

Come Sunday www.comesundayjazz.com

Come Sunday is a Chicago-based septet with a brand new twist on America's two original musical genres: jazz and gospel are melded together into one swingin' good time, then delivered by four powerful singers and the deep grooves of a crazy-good rhythm section. Composer/guitarist Mike Allemana brings new arrangements that fuel the musicians and will lift you out of your seat.

Morning www.facebook.com/abandcalledmorning

Morning is an American indie-folk duo from Chicago, Illinois consisting of Ohio-native Harry Bauer (Vocals, guitar, piano) and Illinois-raised Ashley Kushner (vocals, guitar, ukulele). After meeting at a bar in 2009 through a mutual friend, they endeavor to master sounds often described as placid, arousing, bleak, and, sometimes, hopeful. Frequently described as chicken-wire-fence folk, their on-stage energy evokes feelings of tranquility and affection. The two are currently writing/recording an EP set for release in early 2019.

Hassan El-Tayyab www.americannomadmusic.com

Hassan El-Tayyab was honored as a finalist in the 2017 Telluride Troubadour Song Competition, for best vocal performance in the 2013 Berkeley Old Time Music Competition, as a finalist in the 2011 International songwriting competition, and was recognized in the 2013 and 2011 Rocky Mountain Folk Festival Songwriter Competition. Rooted in Americana and folk/swing traditions, his carefully crafted original music maintains a modern relevance. Smart songwriting, catchy lyrics, tight rhythms, rich harmonies, and strong musicianship have already earned Hassan a reputation as a musician that can intrigue listeners from a wide variety of musical tastes and backgrounds. Keeping in line with the ancient troubadour tradition, his music draws from the spirit of travel and authentic life experience.

About Chicago Area Peace Action: www.chipeaceaction.org

Chicago Area Peace Action (CAPA) provides resources and opportunities for empowerment through active grassroots participation in the growing global movement for economic and environmental justice. The earth and its inhabitants are endangered by the threats of global climate change and nuclear war, either of which could end the world as we know it. We embrace a world free of the growing devastation of global climate change.

We work to reduce and eliminate the danger of nuclear weapons and excessive military spending.

We promote peace and reject warfare as a valid method of resolving conflict.

We confront the core systemic injustices of political and corporate institutions that support ever-increasing financial inequities and block opportunity for all to share in the earths bounty.