Haiku Milieu: Begin with the End in Mind

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“Haiku Milieu: Begin with the End in Mind.” More than 20 amazing songwriters set out on a perilous journey to write a song based on a Haiku Milieu photo and haiku, knowing it would have to become a video. Some undertook collaboration, on top of that! Did they all make it? Did it impact their songwriting process? And how much or a role did it play in the mass exodus of COVID-19 beards from the landscape? JOIN US and see.

With Jenny Bienemann, Robin Bienemann, Bianca Bee, Jim Basten, Bill Brickey, John Carpender, Halliday Carpender, Henry Alden Carpender, Steve Dawson, Melanie Devaney, Earnest and Troubled, Mike Janowski, Rebeca Jasso, Amy Dixon-Kolar, Bob Kolar, Sue Fink, Hannah Frank, Robinlee Garber, Kathy Greenholdt, Marshall Hjertstedt, Steve Hughes, Jeanne Kuhns, Tim Menard, Patti Shaffner, Alton Smith, Michael Taylor, Cheryl Tomblin, Rick Vines, Dave Walker, Jodi Pulick Walker, Lindsay Weinberg, John Wendland.